I never know what to say on these pages; I prefer to let my work speak for itself. However, I suppose some context is always helpful. I graduated from John Brown University in the Spring of 2004 with a BS in Digital Media (emphasis on interactivity) and a minor in Computer Science. I've been doing pixel work for about fifteen years. I've done web design for seven or eight years, and flash for the last year and a half. I've been working with vector art for the last three years and have dabbled in programming for the last five. If my art didn't make it apparent, I am an avid anime fan, but I am quite capable in other styles. I prefer to select a style appropriate to the content rather than fitting the content to a style. I enjoy creating unusual interfaces and I always look for ways to create interfaces that are interesting, intuitive, and usable. My personal websites are often experiments along that theme.

While I am not a hard core programmer, I am comfortable with scripting languages, and I understand many of the problems a programmer can encounter when dealing with graphical images. I am fully capable of working under restrictions when creating art, especially in the case of game design limitations.

The highlights of my resume can be found below. My full resume may be downloaded from the link to the right, or here. If you are interested in hiring me, or want more information please feel free to contact me.

Skill Set



Dependable, Reliable, Pleasant customer service representative, Diligent, Self-starter, Detail Oriented, Organized, Completes tasks, Quick self-teacher